What Do Mice Eat?

If you’ve ever thought about what mice eat, you’re not alone. These creatures are voracious when there is an opportunity to eat. They can eat a bunch of things from your home and will do anything to have it.

To make your home inhabitable to these creatures, you need to understand what they like and eat. Mice typically nest in warm places, often in the attic, kitchen, and around wall cavities. They need uninterrupted access to food and will do anything to have it.

What they eat

Just like you, the mice family have diverse tastes and cravings. They will eat just about anything you leave out in your home, like rice, meats, grains, oats, corn, fruits, cereal, and even seeds. But what about cheese? Most movies depict the mouse as a lover of cheese. But that is not true. Mice prefer foods loaded with carbs.

Their tiny body requires energy fast to aid in movement, hence going for peanut butter instead of cheese. Chances are, the mice in your home will give the cheese a hard pass over other sweet things like chocolate, 

The Damages

The most fearful thing about the mice is their ever-growing teeth that can chew into anything. They aren't shy to munch on anything - your furniture, walls, and a variety of materials. They might also bite through your wires, causing a potential fire hazard.

Once mice get into your home, it becomes a nightmare. You might not know this, but your home is a mouse’s favorite buffet. When a female and male get into your home, rest assured you’ve got a co-house owner.

It is advised to seek a professional assistant immediately if you suspect there are rodents around your home. They can cause immense damage very quickly, and produce pretty quickly too.

Getting rid of mice

Immediately you suspect a mouse problem, the first thing you need to do is keep foods out of reach, coupled with traps. You can bait with peanut butter, as they love it so much, or other sweet things like chocolate.

If you waste time, you risk compounding the problem. Mice reproduce quickly, and a female mouse can deliver up to six babies every three weeks. They probably will throw you out of the house if you waste further time.

You don’t need to deal with this process alone. You’re the best at working with licensed and experienced pest and rodent control professionals. If you think you have a mouse problem, feel free to give us a call, or fill our contact form.

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