Thief Ants

Thief ants extermination Staten Island

The thief ant is a small, food driven, flying ant that can get into your house in many different ways due to their tiny size. They can be commonly found in your food pantries because they can get into small creases in packaging for bread and meats. Getting rid of them is the same as getting rid of most other species of ant. Read on for more information about thief ants.

What do see thief ants look like?

Theif ants are small orange colored winged ants that can fly. If you see ants with wings in your house or office, you might be dealing with this species of ants.


They are one of the smallest ants, measuring only about 1.5-2.25 millimeters in length. That would be less than a centimeter. Their small size makes it easy to get through tiny openings in your home or commercial business. Extermination usually requires sealing of all of these different entry points.

They have a bulbous back end that can make them easy to identify.


They tend to be orange, yellowish, or light brown in color.

Thief ants vs other ants

You can tell that you’re looking at one of these ants as opposed to one of the other types is that they are segmented more abruptly. They have a larger tail and then a very small body and head in comparison. They also have wings, making them easy to identify. 

If you really want to get into detail, their antennae are long at the base with a smaller, bent-off section coming from the stem. But if you are getting that close to them to see, you probably would have noticed one of the other signs first.

How do thief ants enter homes?

Since they are very small thief aunts can usually get into any small cracks in your woodwork, holes in your walls, or slightly open the doors or screens. Once they are inside the home, these pets like to feed on greasy, protein-rich foods like meats and sweets.

Might see these kinds of ants inside your home looking for food and water during hot weather, they can get into food packaging. So make sure you look to check your food pantry if you have seen these answer round. They can carry disease and transmit them to humans that way.

Get rid of thief ants the annihilator way

The layout of every home in the different entry points is always different. We tend to inspect the house first to look for entry points which we will block off permanently with different methods depending on where it happens to be.

Bug killing spray is around the bases of windows doors and walls is often done to curb ant infestation, the same goes with the fence outside in the yard or front/side of the premises.

Ant traps are used in high bug traffic areas to get them where they are coming in when they do get through. After a little while, they will stop attempting to get through into your home.

No matter how good your exterminator is, it could take multiple visits for an ant infestation to properly be treated. That is just the nature of ants. They are one of the most resilient pests.

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