Annihilator is professional and very effective company. We have had fantastic results with when it came to dealing with large scale roach infestation or combating out of control bedbug situation. In addition, Scott is a pro when it comes to interacting with dealing difficult tenants and wins their cooperation.

- Mendy R

A few years ago Annihilator Ex-Termination Inc. was tasked with eliminating a bedbug infestation in our co-op apartment building. As the treasurer of the Co-op board, I was partially responsible for deciding to use this company as our extermination service, but as an owner of an affected apartment, I was intimately involved with how Scott and his employees operate with an individual customer. As a board officer, I was impressed by the sincere commitment of the company to solve all of our extermination needs. However, as an owner of an infested property, I was even more impressed with the comprehensive and professional service that Annihilator provided. It was painful and expensive. At times, I even considered it “over the top”. But in the long run, Scott got the job done. Period. I have owned a house and two co-op apartments, one of which I renovated, and I have not worked with a company that I would recommend more highly than Annihilator Ex-Termination Inc.   

- Jack B

I have been a client of Scott’s for many years and I have also recommended him to some of my friends…. Scotts follow-up is impeccable ….he’s very thorough and honest ….you cannot get any better than that..   I think the best quality that Scott has is he definitely does not  rip off his customers. his prices are good compared to a lot of the other companies out there.

- Mary R

Annihilator Ex-Terminator and particularly Scott came in to a property that had a serious roach infestation and within a matter of months not only got the problem under control, but was able to help educates residents on how to prevent future issues. I don’t have to think twice about calling for service because I know the matter will be taken care of quickly, professionally, and at a fair price. Highly recommended.

- Stephen L

Annihilator Ex-Termination is the best around. We have called them late at night, early in the morning and never once have we not received a call back within minutes. There isn’t a bug or rodent he can’t handle. They ALWAYS come on time and as promised. Scott is the best around, I would recommend his services to anyone!

- Valerie K
Annihilator Extermination is a very reliable, effective and professional pest control company with a high work ethic.
They take the time to listen and are happy to answer questions about their services. Annihilator’s pest control technicians
are very careful with their application and always demonstrate respect and concern for the client’s safety, home and property.
Annihilator Extermination deserves the highest recommendation.
- Andrew Y

TKR Property services uses Scott from Annihilator Ex-Termination in a 200 unit building in Jersey City.  Scott goes above and beyond to ensure the building is serviced well.  He is responsive and has great follow up and documentation.  This is what is needed when servicing such a large building.  I would recommend Annihilator to any of my clients and friends.

- Howard M

Great! Courteous and professional. Scott has always been very engaged and professional. Always comes when I call and is always accommodating when it comes to appt. times.

- Frank W

I own a number an apartment building and after using a number of exterminators, since I met Scott I use him exclusively.  He’s reliable and also reasonably priced.  Highly recommend him to all that I know.

- Rich L

When I saw I had termites in my home I panicked.  Scott put me at ease and ultimately my problem was annihilated!  Very appreciative to ensure a job well done! 

- Marianne S

I never thought I would have visitors living in my attic.  Annihilator Exterminator evicted my furry friends and let me get back to sleeping the night.  He was able to work quickly and efficiently.  Thank you Scott!

- Lanna R