Choosing the best service for getting rid of bed bugs

Are you afraid you might have a bed bug issue in your home or business? Are you completely sure? Well, here are some of the things you can do on your own to get rid of bed bugs.

Before we start, we just want to make it clear - having bed bugs is not something you should feel embarrassed about. Anyone in the world is at risk of getting bed bugs. They can come into the home in a multitude of ways and once they are there, they can be a nightmare to get rid of.

Choosing the right pest control company to work with

Most of the time, bed bug extermination needs to be handled by a professional. A well trained, certified, and experienced pest control specialist is always preferred. 

If you are a tenant and your landlord is not taking care of the problem in a timely manner, you can call 311. A complaint can be filed with the dept. of Housing Preservation and Development. You can also hire your own bed bug removal service and bill your landlord for what was needed.

There are thousands of pest control professionals in New York City. They are not all one in the same. Not all are trained the same when it comes to bed bugs, as it is a specialized problem and not as common as you might think.

Things you should look for...

There are a few ways you can vet out the best of the best pest control companies for bed bugs.

Good companies will generally...

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And that's all there is to it! If you follow these quick steps and consider all of these factors, you will have no problem choosing the best bed bug exterminator. Staten Island and other parts of NYC can be challenging areas for pest control, but with a little effort, you can find the right person for the job.