What's the difference between rat and mouse?

We get this one a lot, and it isn't the easiest thing to figure out, especially when everyone is jumping on top of the table in fear of the little thing running across the floor. 

Good news is that it is way more afraid of you than you are of it. You usually have nothing to fear, but it could be a sign of bad issues hiding in plain sight.

Here is a quick run down on the difference between a mouse and a rat.

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Baby Rats

The baby rat that you think might be a mouse is usually around 6 weeks old and just finished weaning from the mother.

Since they are finished weaning and just beginning to explore on their own, it doesn't always mean you have a big issue. It could be just the one. A simple trap will usually do the trick in this situation.


When trying to notice rat-like features:

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A mouse in this situation would be a fully-grown, adult mouse. They are around the same size as baby rats, but have different features that make them stand out.

Some features you should look for to identify mice:

That's all there is to it! Most of the time, it won't really matter which you have. You'll probably give us a call either way. 

There can be some difference also in the level of infestation. Rats tend to be solo predators and scavengers, while mice tend to live in larger groups and breed more quickly. 

Issues with mice can get out of hand more quickly and have a better chance of signaling a larger problem behind the walls or just outside the home or business.

Either way, we can handle it. Get in touch with us today if you are in the NYC or NJ areas. We will be happy to get rid of them for you!

Until next time.

Annihilator Extermination Staten Island

Challenges of performing pest control in New York City

There are thousands of things that make life in New York City different from the lives of other people throughout the country, even in metro areas, right? Why shouldn't the same be true of life for our bugs? Turns out, it is. Pest control in New York City is a whole different "animal."

The New York metro area is a unique environment for humans, bugs, and mice/rats. There are a lot of people, places, and things in a relatively small space compared to other metro areas. Buildings in the city often have restaurants at the bottom with offices or apartments directly over them and above.

The problem with apartments

Apartments are a great, low-cost alternative to owning a home that allows people to live in the city of their dreams. Unfortunately, your chic Manhattan apartment is also a safe haven for insects and rodents. Now mention the fact that you have a diner on the bottom floor of your building. What could be better?

Not only are many buildings heaven for pests, but the close proximity between you and your neighbors promotes the fast spread of problems.

Frequent fliers

Manhattan is an urban metropolis full of important people who go to important places for important meetings. The traveling is nonstop. Have you ever been to Laguardia? Then you know.

Unfortunately, the people we brush shoulders with and the places we stay when traveling are not always of the highest quality. Pests like bed bugs can be rampant even in a posh, 5-star hotel.

People who often travel are at risk of exposing themselves to pest issues and then bringing the home to fester and infect other apartments. Bed bugs, especially, are often not noticed until it is far too late, costing you thousands of dollars in bedding, clothing, and furniture.

Ample food supply

Manhattan is the only city in the world where you can walk out of your building and go grab a burger at 5 am. Every New Yorker has had a late night dinner escapade, right?

Commercial pest control is a much-needed service in Manhattan.

This ample food supply is also a benefit for the rodents and pests that try to barge in. They are drawn to the food, and New York City is the food capital of the world where you can eat around the clock.

Get pest control help right away

Just like New York City, we are the pest control company that never sleeps. If you have an emergency, get in touch. We are available and can have someone at your home to check out the problem by the next day. 

If you need help or think there might be a pest control issue, get in touch right away. A few days of time could make all the difference depending on the pest you are dealing with.

You can get in touch with us for emergency service here or you can call us at 718.227.5001.