The Spotted Lanternfly could be coming to New York on our Christmas Trees to destroy NY Parks

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A group of spotted lantern fly on a tree trunk

The Spotted Lantern-fly is a species of insect that consumes leaves, leaving a Swiss cheese-like destruction behind, often destroying the trees and plants the leaves come from. They can be quite invasive and could be coming to New York City; hitching a ride on Christmas trees that come into the city from other states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The one-inch long Chinese native insect has infested parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, causing quite a few problems there and warranting a $17.5 million budget from the feds to fight the bugs off in PA.

They feed on plants, hopping from plant to plant over a period of time. Their eating pattern is harmful to the plants they feed on and can kill them or damage them beyond repair.

“We haven’t seen too many of them in New York, thank God, but if we do nothing, we will,” he said. “We are very worried that this pesky bug. The Spotted Lanterfly, if nothing is done, could do damage that would light up New York like a Christmas tree.”

US Sen. Chuck Schumer

As you can tell, the problems are pretty rare at the moment. NYC officials are aware and doing whatever is necessary to avoid these bugs turning into a real issue. Hopefully, there shouldn't be many problems with these insects arising in the Staten Island area.

If you do have infestation with lanternflies or any other kind of insect, though, you can call us. We are on call and ready to help you out with any problem you might be having with these flying, leaf munching pests.

Give your backyard foliage a quick look, especially if you had a real Christmas tree this year.