Little Black Ants

Little Black Ants

Information, identification, and control of little black ants at home and in your place of business.


The little black ant is actually a technical term for the small ants we see very often around Staten Island and New York City in general. They come out when the summer comes. They are after the food we eat and the safety that your home provides. They come in through very small spaces in the home due to their tiny size. Any little crack in a window, pavement, foundation, or screen can be a potential entry point for these little guys. 

If you need help with the extermination of little black ants at home or commercially in your place of business, Annihilator Exterminators can help you. Get in touch with us any time for a free quote on extermination as well as ongoing protection against ants of all kinds. Perimeter defense after extermination is complete helps to ensure that ants will no longer be entering the property.

Identification of Little Black Ants

Black ants most often forage inside structures from colonies located outside. Perimeter control is the most important aspect of defense against ant problems for this reason. Generally, they come in from outside to bring food and other items back to the colony.

Location of the nest(s) and its treatment with a residual spray such as Phantom, Demon WP or Talstar or dust such as Tri-Die, Timbor or Borid Dust will provide good control. Try following the ants back from the food source. Dusting the voids of outside ground-floor walls and infested interior walls along with the outside spray treatment is effective. Baiting with the recommended baits is also effective. Treatment with a residual spray along foundations, and around windows are helpful in preventing foraging ants from entering.

How to get rid of ants at home without an exterminator

Getting rid of ants at home can be done without the help of an exterminator sometimes. There are a few things you should try before you give us a call. If the problem continues, then we can help you out.

  • Follow back from a food source, Dust voids of outside ground-floor walls along outdoor spray treatment.
  • Treat nests with a residual spray such as Phantom, Demon WP or Talstar.
  • Treat with a dust chemical such as Tri-Die, Timbor or Borid Dust to provide good control.
  • Seal any cracks that you find in your pavement, screens, windows
  • Make sure your windows close fully. Even the smallest opening can be an entry point for ants.