Does alcohol kill bed bugs?

Noticed redness and itchiness on your skin as well as small, raised bumps? This could mean one of many things, or the most common, a bed bug infestation! 

Being faced with a bed bug insurgence might seem obscure to the eyes as these little creatures can easily hide and thrive in upholstered furniture and belongings unnoticed.

How do you get rid of these nocturnal bloodsucking creatures?

Well, for starters, it will mean making use of pesticides, but how effective is this? Research has shown this creature to develop some kind of resistance to pesticides.

Speaking on this, the lead author and research assistant professor at the Purdue's Center for  Urban and Industrial Pest Management says, "The longer you use any product for the control of a particular pest, the more resistance issues you are going to have.”

Of course, this info will not go down well with people who depend heavily on these fighting agents to stop a teaming bed bug infestation. But do you know what works? Alcohol! Sounds easy, right? 

Does alcohol kill bed bugs? To some extent, Yes! Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) has shown to be effective at killing bed bugs and their eggs but doesn’t stop an infestation.

How does it work?

According to research, the bed bugs' epidermal layer houses pesticide-resistant genes, which may be responsible for slowing or stopping altogether the toxins that pose a threat to these creatures. 

So how then does alcohol kill these creatures with such defensive factions? It's simple, the alcohol eats up the layer, which is one way and then finally induces a drying out effect, which should be enough to kill bed bugs and their eggs.  But utilizing alcohol to get rid of bed bug infestation isn’t a 100 percent strategy against killing these creatures.

Why people don’t depend on alcohol to kill bed bugs

  1. You will have to apply alcohol directly on the bugs

Bed bugs are barely visible to our eyes, making applying alcohol directly on them more challenging. These creatures are “stealth” veterans and will hide in cracks and crevices, which makes the task of eliminating them more difficult, and in most cases, impossible.

  1. Running alcohol isn't an all-round effective tool in killing bed bugs

Alcohol has shown some positive results in eliminating bed bugs but isn't overly effective at wiping out its entire population. Hiring a professional extermination service is the right measure to take against bed bug infestations.

A bed bug infestation is totally avoidable when you follow the right measures. If you ever feel like you’re under a bed bug siege, we’ve got you covered with our 100% effective bed bug elimination services. You can go ahead and give us a call or fill out our contact form.

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