Common Pest Rodents In NY

When it comes to rodents, there is no shortage of it in New York. We aren’t referring to cute little hamsters or bunnies, rather ones fond of infesting the home and causing all sorts of problems. We are talking about mice, rats, squirrels, Norway rats, roof rats, and even house mice.

Here are some pest rodents you’re most likely to find in New York.

  1. Deer Mouse

This creature has a slender body that weighs 10 to 24 grams, with prominent whiskers and a little fur covering them. They are known to invade homes and businesses, causing immense damage. No thanks to their ever-growing incisors, they just would never stop chewing.

They will chew on your woods, insulation, plastic, electrical wires, and even your books. The most annoying, no doubt is their feces and urine which they usually litter around the home.

  1. A Roof Rat

The roof rat also has a slender body - a little smaller than the Norway rat, measuring about 13 to 18 inches and weighing up to 9 ounces. They often build their nest in woodpiles and debris and sometimes get into attics and build their nest there.

Once they are in your home, they pose the same risk as other rodents in New York. They will chew through every wooden structure in your home till everything is destroyed. Wherever they go, they litter with feces and urine, spreading diseases and contaminating your food.

  1. Squirrel

Squirrels are a common sight in New York, and they are less likely to make their way to your home compared to the house mice and roof rats. But when they do decide to make your home a place of residence, they can make quite a mess.

They will dig up the insulation, littering everywhere with urine and feces which inevitably attract mites, ticks, fleas, worms, or lice. If not taken care of immediately, they could make your home uncomfortable.

  1. Norway Rat

This rodent originated in Asia and is commonly smaller compared to the roof rat. They are also referred to as brown rats, wharf rats, and sewer rats. They are quite sticky and can weigh about 1 pound. Unlike roof rats that live in roofs, Norway rats love close association with people.

You’re most likely to find them in cellars, stores, slaughterhouses, sewers, and warehouses. When they populate in your home, it becomes hard to get rid of them without professional help.

  1. House Mouse

They are wild animals, but strangely enough, prefer to live exclusively with humans. It is the house mouse that has been domesticated into what is called a pet or fancy mouse. When you notice that your home has been invaded, the best you can do is call the right experts. Feel free to give us a call or perhaps fill our contact form.

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