Annihilator Extermination is Helping Staten Island Business Owners Keep Their Spaces Clean and Healthy

Operating a business, particularly in the food industry, involves quite a bit of close attention to cleanliness and health. Attention to detail is part of the reason businesses succeed, or don’t. Keeping your facility clean and free of insects and other pests are of utmost importance, especially when clients deal with you in-house. When choosing Staten Island commercial extermination, Make sure to choose wisely. Your livelihood may be at stake!
Keeping your facility clean and free of insects and other pests are of utmost importance, especially when clients deal with you in-house. We take our business seriously because we know you do too.
When dealing with an in-house client, make sure you keep an in-house extermination specialist on call. Someone that you can trust and build a relationship with the way you hope to build relationships and rapport with each and every one of your loyal customers.
We have monthly retainer plans available that will allow you to keep someone on call who you know will have the time for you, no matter the rush or short notice. We can be on-site within 2 hours.

Commercial Pest Control Comes with Its Own Challenges

Commercial extermination services can be tricky. Business owners want to waste as little time as possible and we understand that. By allowing us to get there quickly and get out quickly, we guarantee your business will be open quickly.
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For adequate, personal restaurant and food service pest control service, get in touch with Annihilator Commercial. We know how to take care of the pests trying to feed on your food as well as your bottom line. A restaurant business can be shut down completely because of pest issues. Roaches, rodents, ants, and other pests in the dining room or kitchen is a compromise to sanitation and service quality. Pests can bring with them fines and can hurt your restaurant’s reputation, costing you customers.

Annihilator Offers Five-Star Pest Control

Annihilator quickly identifies and corrects pest issues. Food service and restaurant pest control are our specialties and we offer a comprehensive solution.

Restaurant Pest Control

A Passion for Excellent Customer Service

Annihilator Extermination is the top choice for commercial pest control on Staten Island simply because we care. Each and every client has a project manager assigned to their case and has their personal contact information so that they can get in touch anytime, 24/7.
With you own personal project manager on call, you will be able to voice concerns and let them know exactly what is happening in real time. We want to know because we want you to be happy with our service and refer us to friends and family.

For Staten Islanders, by Staten Islanders

When making your pick for local Staten Island extermination needs, make sure to pick a local Staten Island based business. Nobody else is going to be able to custom tailor a plan to fit your needs as quickly. We are used to the pests that are found here because we grew up and went into business here. Call us today and allow us to help you take care of your problems with pests.

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