Buying a House? Why Your Termite Inspection Matters

If this is your first time buying a house, you must be thrilled with excitement. The process is giggly, but it soon becomes nightmares when you discover termites. Not only are these creatures wood destroyers, but they can also stress your mental health. That is why it is imperative to get a termite inspection before going for that deal. 

Termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage every year, renowned as ‘silent destroyers. They can chew through the woods like a saw, silently, and before you say, Jack, it’s too late.

When buying a house, some of the areas to pay close attention to include the slab foundations, and areas prone to touch the dirt. If you’re not too sure, get across your real estate agent or lender to know if the house is the right fit.

Getting termite inspection

When you have a termite inspection, you can finalize the deal a lot quicker. This is because termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Getting a house infested with termites is like buying a block of ice and watching it dissolve before your eyes.

Take note that termite inspection is not the same as a house inspection. You hire a termite inspector to inspect the house of any termite presence. During the inspection, the termite specialist will inspect the basement, to the attic, looking for signs of termite damage.

Although many shy away from termite inspection due to the additional cost, that cost often time, would have saved them from a bad decision. It typically takes an hour, after which the specialist will prepare a report and detailed analysis of any infestations found.

Treating a termite infestation

To treat a termite infestation, you will need to contact the pest control company. Your termite inspection will provide you with some insights, especially on the process of eradication. After the procedure has been completed, you can assess the damages and work with your contractor to fix them.

For future purposes, you need to practice a few things to avoid them, like keeping your house dry and directing water away from it. You can also keep woodpiles and mulch away from your house foundation.

Seeking a termite professional

Your termite inspection should be carried out by a licensed and experienced pest inspector. When in the face of a termite infestation, there is barely anything you can do without a professional. The ideal action is getting in touch with a pest control company, and that is why we are here. Give us a call, or perhaps fill our contact form to begin.

The Staten Island Stink Bug Epidemic and how you can protect your home and family

Back in 2010, SILive posted about Stink bugs appearing all across Staten Island in large numbers. Lately, the same seems to have been happening. We have had reports of Staten Island Stink bug infestations in homes, commercial offices, kitchens, & classrooms across the Island, putting people on edge and making them uncomfortable in their own homes.

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Why are stink bugs out this late in the year?

Wild up-and-down temperatures can contribute to these bugs rising up at unusual times in the year. When the weather gets cold and then hot again repeatedly, it can fool the insects into thinking that springtime is coming, causing them to come out like they usually would at that time of year, but without their usual predators, causing wild population increases and infestations if you do not safeguard your property.

How stink bugs can cause harm

Stinkbugs won't bite humans, but they can still cause damage in other ways. They eat tomato plants and other fruits, meaning they can destroy produce at supermarkets and outdoor markets all over the island.

It's rare for any negative impact to spread to humans, but it's not something you prefer to be ingesting, that's for sure.

Be vigilant for their bite marks. They leave minimal damage to the outside of the fruit, usually in the form of scars and depressions. The food often seems good enough to eat. Although it seems minimal at first, insects (these included) can carry disease and viruses that they spread to the plant.

How to find them in the home

Stink bugs tend to congregate in sunny and warm areas of the home. They usually come in in spring. They also have a telltale odor that you will recognize when they are in high numbers. In your garden, you will notice damage to vegetables and fruits, especially tomatoes.

How to get rid of stink bugs

In large numbers, stink bugs are difficult to eliminate. Contacting a professional pest control company is your best bet. You can get in touch with us for more information and an estimate on the help you need and what it entails.

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