Box Elder Bugs

The box elder bug. You got it? Let us help you fix it.

The box elder bug can be quite a nuisance inside the home as well as outside if you have a property with many trees.

The box elder bug doesn’t cause physical damage or harm people – they cause stress. Nobody likes to see a giant bug crawl out of a crack under the floor and up onto the wall of their living room!

Large numbers of the insects can also stain surfaces with excrement; a situation you don’t want to find yourself in.

This page will address some of the easy ways to notice box elders in the home and how to control them as well. Do yourself a favor, and take advice from the professionals!

Spotting box elder bugs at home

It won’t take you long to know you have box elders. The boxelder bug measures about half an inch in length. You will see them right away.

They can often be found in cracks and crevices in the home.

In nature, they tend to find cracks and crevices on box elder tree trunks for shelter in winter, known as the “host tree”.

The problem is, most bugs can’t tell the difference between a house and a tree. They follow warmth and a promise of shelter from the cold.

In your home, you will commonly find them living in the attic or wall voids. Places similar to their natural habitat.

Knowing the weather

If you had a warm spring with a hot summer last year, you will be seeing this bug come fall. The population of this insect booms with hot weather.

Bug proofing your home from box elder bugs

Bug proofing your home is no easy feat. Follow some of these ideas to keep your home bug proof:

  • Look at screens. Broken screens are a top 5 way bugs can get into your home. Repair and replace all broken screens around your space.
  • Seal access points.  Places where electricians access the home can be places where bugs will find access. Seal openings that might exist where utility wires, vents, and other devices enter the walls of the home.
    • Openings can also exist along siding seams, doors, skylights, windows, etc. There are specialized door and window treatments available for bugs. Ask us about them.
  • Replace old door sweeps and other items around exterior doors. The rubber seals will go bad over time and need to be replaced.
    • This goes for the garage door, too. The rubber seal at the bottom can be destroyed by insects or general wear and tear, creating an access point.
  • Seal cracks. Keep an eye out for cracks in walls and wall voids. These can be easily filled with caulk, silicone, or latex.
  • Treating weep holes. Rather than sealing weep holes under stones or brick veneer walls, you can purchase ventilation plugs. They will achieve the benefit while blocking bugs from getting in.

Getting rid of box elder bugs

Dish soap and water

You can actually use this very easy DIY method to get rid of many of them.

Spray a mix of dish soap and water or laundry detergent to kill bugs on contact. The soap needs to contact them directly to be effective.

If that doesn’t work?

If that isn’t working for you, get in touch with us. We can help you get rid of your bugs fast and move on with your life. Stop stressing, hire Annihilator.

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