What Are The Top 5 Most Common Spring Pests? (2023)

If you’re going to keep some pests out of your domain, then you need to at least get to know them. One thing you must know is that the presence of these pests in your home is a nightmare. Keep that thought in mind as you go through these common spring pests.

Carpenter Ants

As soon as temperature starts warming up, carpenter ants need shelter, a cooler and damp place. No doubt, your home happens to provide all these conditions. They are likely to come in from an outside nest; an already making colonies in your wall without permission.

Pavement ants

Pavement ants are known for their feracious need for food. They are normally outside, but they can creep into your home and make it their new domain. A major attraction to this nasty pest is food crumbs, and with a little bit of moisture here and there, they’ll make your home a home.

Bees and Wasps

Sometimes it comes unexpected, a queen bee suddenly emerges, lays eggs, and suddenly in a rave to turn your home into a colony. You should check your attics during the winter for any bee. Not eliminating them will lead to the laying of eggs and invading your home.


You can commonly find these nightmares in your basements, garages, and other sheltered places. They like dark, dry, and damp places, and will only come out in search of food. Although they are creepy, you still have to resist killing them. Their presence only proves that there is an insect in your home. 


They are pretty annoying, especially when they come in twos and threes. But when they come like a swamp, you’d be running from your home in no time. The best measure against this very creature is keeping your doors closed, and installing a net in your windows to prevent entry.


If you have pets, you need to watch out for these disgusting pests especially after taking them on a walk. When you discover a flea, it’s a sign you need to clean your home and conduct proper sanitization.

Sometimes, you might not have time for these countermeasures, or perhaps you don’t know-how, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and give us a call or fill out our contact form to book an appointment.