Tips for Preventing Spring Pest Problems

Spring is coming, and so are the deadliest pests you’ve ever known. It’s going to be an invasion that will have you crying to a pest control company. The fact is, you don’t need to be caught unawares. Gladly there are countermeasures you can put in place to avoid these nasty pests; which is the beauty of this article.

If you’re caught up with work and life and need help handling this incoming invasion, then you need a pal at YouGotBugs. Before we swing in to save the day, here are some countermeasures for preventing spring pest problems.

Points of entry

. If you don’t need an invader, there should be no point of entry. That means inspecting your fence and the building for holes. Also, check the doors and windows for holes. If the door is shaky, it is most likely to provide openings for entry.

Another interesting place to look is the vents, pipes, and HVAC units since they provide entry points for pests to come in. With your building plan in hand, check for these places and ensure everything is in place.

Have a clean facility

Another countermeasure is cleanliness, cause it makes your home unappealing to pests. They love messy, and they will come in if they see a messy place. If you don’t want that, always keep your landscape neat and trimmed. If there are tree branches almost touching the ground or building, you need to trim.

Sanitize food areas

Pests need food and water to survive, and as long as you provide these sources, your home will always be a haven. By eliminating these sources and sanitizing areas disposed of food and beverages, you prevent pests from ever coming in. Empty your trash bins and dumpsters regularly, and never hesitate to clean your restrooms as often as possible.

Store and dispose

While you clean the crumbs in your kitchen cabinet, also dispose of your food by storing them in containers. Keep your trash bins tightly covered, airtight, and ensure to empty them frequently. These are attractions as long as pests are concerned.

Inspect your perimeter

You might need to get an insecticide to spray on your perimeter. It will make your home uninhabitable, and they’d look elsewhere for their food, water, and shelter. Your HVAC units and vents should be checked too, as they are potential entry points that you can also seal.

Get a pest control professional

Dealing with pests isn’t an easy endeavor, especially if you’re new to this. Sometimes you might not know the ideal type of insecticide, or not have the time, which is where we come in. You can call us pests slayers and you wouldn’t be wrong. Give us a call or fill out our contact form.