5 Essential Spring Pest Control Tips

Spring is looming around the corner, and so are the nastiest pests alive looking to make your home their natural habitat. A wide variety of bugs and wildlife are already discussing their invasion party, and you need to be ready for these unwanted infestations.

Before they lay siege to your humble aboard, there are measures you need to put in place. Instead of attacking, you’re going to make your home undesirable to these creatures. Here are a few pest control tips that you should know.

Remove every water source

A mouthful of water is what most pests need to comfortably stay in your home. The trick is pretty simple, by removing water sources in and around your home, you make your home undesirable for invasion.

When water sources are left behind, they become breeding places for pests. Check around your home and address any leaks or stagnant water. If there’s a gutter close to your home, you might want to clean them regularly.

Eliminate food sources

Just like you need pizza to survive, so do these annoying pests planning to invade your home. To twat their plan and have them look elsewhere, you have to eliminate every food source. Experts recommend putting your food sealed in containers. When you remove water and food sources, you’ve almost thwarted the invasion.

Keep your home clean

A dirty home will no doubt attract pests, as it presents to their possibilities of food and water. The kitchen should be kept clean at all times, especially after cooking. But, unfortunately, this is hard for most people but will make a difference when done.

Work on your fence

If you have a fence indicating the perimeter of your property, then you might need to check and fix any open or broken part of the fence. What you’re doing is fortifying your defenses against these nasty pests. You don’t leave your home vulnerable by having a broken fence.

Treat your perimeter

Imagine a house protected by a kind of magical bubble. That is exactly how your home is to pests when your perimeters are treated with a good insecticide. This measure will stop pests from entering your property no matter how hard they want to get in.

We have been helping numerous of our clients fight off these pests when they do invade, or are about to. It’s We are your last resort when all you’ve done seems to be failing. You don’t need to worry when you have the experts here in Staten Island, New York. Go ahead and give us a call or fill out our contact form to book an appointment.