Crazy Ants

Information and Extermination 

Crazy Ants extermination can be challenging. Identifying the problem properly is important. Crazy ants get their name from the way they move when agitated. They will run around “crazy” when threatened. They don’t form mounds, making them difficult to source.

Crazy ants are aggressive foragers. They are widespread and abundant. Invasive by nature, Crazy Ants forage in numbers and the colonies grow rapidly when well fed.

Perimeter treatments with a liquid spray insecticide like Termidor, Demon WP or Talstar are preferred. Annihilator uses these chemicals on a daily basis along with others. We utilize baits to draw the ants away. Dual Choice Ant Stations and Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait are effective against crazy ants.

How Did They Get in My House?

Ants like this can often appear in gigantic heaps and such numbers that they can resemble a giant moving mass made up of thousands of tiny ants. They will swarm all over old food that is left out. Rotting remains of wildlife on your property can also be a food source. They even feed on other insects. Keeping these things to a minimum will allow you to prevent them before they start.

Staten Island can be a hotbed for ants. Increases recently in wildlife populations has contributed to this. The south shore of Staten Island has become home to deer and other animals since Hurricane Sandy. When wildlife numbers increase, insect numbers will naturally increase also. Proper prevention and extermination when necessary will remedy this quickly.

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Get in touch with us today if you are beginning to see these ants appear anywhere in or around your home. We use specially made chemicals to exterminate the ants without damaging your property.

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