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Crazy Ants and How to Identify and Treat Crazy Ant Infestation in Staten Island

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Crazy Ant

Crazy ants extermination is very challenging. Their colonies are often numerous and they are aggressive foragers. Control is very challenging due to them being widespread and abundant by nature. They forage in numbers and the colonies grow rapidly. Exterminators need to bomb the colonies fast otherwise it can take weeks and many visits by local exterminators to get them out completely.

Perimeter treatments with a liquid spray insecticide such as Termidor, Demon WP or Talstar are helpful where crazy ant colonies are abundant outdoors. Several baits such as Dual Choice Ant Stations and Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait are effective against crazy ants.

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Crazy Ant infestation

Get in touch with us today if you are beginning to see these ants appear anywhere in your home. It is better to call and exterminator to get rid of a small infestation before the situation gets out of control.