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Box Elder Bugs on Staten Island and How to Treat Them.

Box Elder Bugs have become a more common problem recently in the US. 

the box elder can be found living in and around the boxelder tree. Typically found in more western states but populations have been growing in the East more and more from Canada to the East Coast.

Box Elder Coloration and Appearance

Usually, you can identify these guys by their blackish, reddish coloration. They are Oval shaped and have long bodies.  6 legs and long antennae coming from their head – Usually measuring about a half inch.

They may appear to be a common roach until further inspected. The main difference is in their appetite and behavior. They tend to swarm around wood. They can be found in crevices that are apparent on telephone poles and other similar structures with porous wood.

Box Elder Control

Generally, you are going to want to get a heavy duty spray to take care of these guys. Something like the spray made by Harris that is sold at Home Depot and other popular home stores.

Of course, the best way to take care of these critters is to call a professional today.