Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Information and Extermination

Bed Bug extermination, in Staten Island, or otherwise, is arguably the most difficult type of infestation that an exterminator will ever experience. These insects are virtually impossible to detect until its too late. By the time you start to notice the problem, generally, your problem has already gotten out of hand. A professional local extermination service is almost always necessary if you want to get rid of the problem without taking drastic measures.

Bed Bug close up imageEarly on in American History, bedbugs were completely undetectable. People were unsure of where their small bites were coming from and were blamed on other sources because bed bugs are invisible to the naked human eye. Changes in cleanliness and the presentation of better pesticides was thought to eradicate the bed bug sometime around WWII. Later on, however, we realized that this problem was not as easy to terminate as we originally thought.

Throughout the time that they were not appearing in America around the 40s and 50s, they continued to be prevalent in other parts of the world. We soon saw them come back with overseas travelers. Bed Bugs will attach themselves to luggage, blankets, clothing, and animals and make their way back along with their chosen host.

Description of Bed Bugs and how to Notice Bed Bugs at Home

It’s hard to describe the look of a bed bug because they are invisible! They are so small, that the naked eye is unable to see them at all. So generally the first sign of a problem is the sites. Small, red, swollen bites may begin to appear on the skin in small clusters. 

Like mosquitoes, bedbugs feed on the blood of animals and humans. So they need to bite in order to survive. You will notice these sites because they are usually found in small clusters and will itch quite a bit. They look very similar to mosquito bites.

How did Bed Bugs Get Into my Home?

There are many ways you can get bed bugs at home. Traveling and staying in hotels that might have an infestation is always the number one reason. You need to make sure your hotel choices are picked based on high ratings. 

When it comes to hotels, make the right choice. It’s always a good move to check the comments section and the various review sites that will tell you of the quality of the hotel you are about to stay in. Even with Air BnB, you should be a comment crawler! Make sure you avoid making the same mistake one pioneer needed to make because usually, they will shout out a warning. Keep your eyes open for it.

Another way you might get bed bugs is from dog groomers or doggy daycares. Make sure that you make sure there haven’t been any recent outbreaks or infected doggies in any of these locations, otherwise, your pup may be coming home with more than just a new haircut!

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs – Call a Pro

Bed Bug control treatment technique

Getting rid of a bed bug problem using a professional exterminator does take a little bit of time and a lot of effort, but we are specialists and regarded on Staten Island as the go-to source. If you think you might have a problem with bed bugs, you should get a professional on site fast and get the problem fixed as quickly as possible. 

If you live in an apartment building the problem could get especially bad. The last thing you want is all of your neighbors up in arms because they think you infected the building with bed bugs!

Get in touch with us today so that we can get our guys in there and get the job done right for you. With other bugs you may be able to get the problem fixed yourself, but not with bed bugs. When it comes to these little critters, contact a professional.


Be careful when traveling abroad and when staying in hotels. Keep luggage elevated off the floor and outside the bedroom.

  • Be watchful when voyaging abroad and when staying at hotels. 
  •  Examine your things painstakingly to avoid acquiring bed bugs.
  •  Try not to allow second-hand beds or furniture into your home.
  •  Avoid messiness at home.
  •  Seal cracks and gaps in your walls and floors.
  •  Vacuum consistently and rapidly dispose of the pack. Other than the floors, additionally vacuum sleeping pads, box springs, loveseats, rockers, wardrobes, racking, within furniture, baseboards and window and door jambs.
  •  Encase sleeping cushions and box springs in sealed shut, hypo-allergenic spreads.

Bed Bug Checklist

  • Strip all beds and wash all sheets, pillowcases, sleeping pad cushions and covers.
  • Expel things from wardrobes, drawers, end tables, shelves and dressers, and store in plastic sacks or plastic compartments.
  •  Have all apparel, carpets, and curtains washed or dry-cleaned. Typical wash cycles will kill bed bugs.
  •  Running things in a dryer at high warmth settings will slaughter all life stages.
  •  Dispose of cardboard boxes, sacks, daily papers, and magazines. Bed bugs lean toward harboring in wood, texture and paper things rather than metal and plastic.
  •  Dispose of all worn out or torn materials and additionally any intensely plagued thing. Utilize dispensable gloves, wrap things in dark packs and handle them precisely. Consider wearing a defensive outfit: rubbing against a polluted surface could bring bed bugs onto your clothing.