Acrobat Ants

Definition, Identification & Control

A picture of an Acrobat Ant and some Acrobat Ant eggs for reference

Acrobat Ant and eggs


Ant problems and acrobat ant extermination can be very difficult at times. They are able to increase their population size and lay eggs very quickly. A few ants here and there can quickly become a major issue if not treated right away.

Acrobat Ants are similar to carpenter ants but are much smaller in size – most measuring less than 6mm in length. They nest in old carpenter ant colonies, termite colonies, in voids and in insulation.

You will be able to notice these ants because of their heart-shaped bottoms and the headstand-like acrobatic move that they might do when they feel threatened – raising their bottom up above their heads in an attempt to scare off potential threats.

Acrobat Ant illustration

Acrobat Ant illustration

Identification of the Acrobat Ant

The Acrobat can be easy to spot because of the heart-shaped abdomen. It can be raised above the main body as you approach them.

 The acrobat ant uses this raised abdomen technique to appear larger and fend off predators in the wild. It’s this same raised abdomen that gives them their acrobatic name.

Acrobat ant infestations in Staten Island are treated basically the same way that carpenter ants and other ants are treated.

Control Acrobat Ant Problems

You will be able to get them taken care of effectively using over the counter methods such as sprays and powders if you are able to catch the problem quickly enough. 

If you are beyond that point, we will be able to secure the perimeter of your problem-space using our proprietary methods and techniques. Highly trained exterminators are available to help you deal with your problem today. 

Get in touch with us today if you need help with your ant problem in Staten Island or New Jersey. We are happy to help our clients with these issues quickly and correctly.