Acrobat Ants

Definition, Identification & Control

A picture of an Acrobat Ant and some Acrobat Ant eggs for reference

Acrobat Ant and eggs


Acrobat Ants are similar to carpenter ants but are much smaller in size – most measuring less than 6mm in length. They nest in old carpenter ant colonies, termite colonies, in voids and in insulation.

Acrobat Ant illustration

Acrobat Ant illustration

Identification of the Acrobat Ant

The acrobat can be easy to spot because of the heart-shaped abdomen. It can be raised above the main body as you approach them.

 The acrobat ant uses this raised abdomen technique to appear larger and fend off predators in the wild. It’s this same raised abdomen that gives them their acrobatic name.

Acrobat ant infestations in Staten Island are treated basically the same way that carpenter ants and other ants are treated.