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Proudly Serving the Staten Island Community

At Annihilator, we have a passion for serving our Staten Island community with the best pest control service available. Locally sourced, trained, and specialized to handle local issues that residents have in our home town.

Our company was founded in 2004 in Staten Island and is still based there to this day. We started as a small company building our client base by word-of-mouth and recommendations from existing customers. Over time we have rapidly grown into a heroic local business known for quality and fair competitive pricing.

Rapid expansion has led us into new areas like New Jersey and Brooklyn as well. Get in touch with us today to get information on rates, availability, and the different pests that we specialize in.hard wood floors and green pop of color in this living room

Over time we have been able to build a quality service that makes our clients happy and takes care of their needs the first time we come to visit.

We handle pest removal needs in both residential and commercial settings.

Specialized Pest Control for The Toughest Bugs

Annihilator has a specialization in the removal and termination of bedbugs  in the New York City area— one of the most difficult pests to eradicate. Our team is well equipped and very capable of clearing your property of a bed bug infestation. Having trained specialists come and assess is important if you suspect you have a problem. Pest control issues need to be taken care of quickly to minimize risk of long term issues that will cost you time and money.

Other Pest Problems

Aside from just bugs, Annihilator can also effectively rid your property of pest like raccoons, mice, rats, and squirrels. In the Staten island area as well as the rest of New York State, animals like these seek shelter when weather starts to get cold. When winter begins, many people hear scratching and clawing inside of walls, in the attics, and in other places around the house. It is important to have your property properly sealed. We are able to effectively get rid of your problem and seal the property off so that it never happens again. 

When trying to rid yourself and your family of pest problems, use a specialist. Staten Islanders trust Annihilator. Make the right choice.

Get in touch with us today and allow us to help you take care of your pest control issues.

Staten Island Pest Control

Pest control in Staten Island differs in many ways from other parts of the country as well as the state. We need to tread carefully and make sure we check all the boxes necessary with Staten Island residents.

The water can be one of the main issues we see with a majority of the Staten Island residents. Much of the island has flooding issues which can lead to infestation.

Water breeding insects like mosquitoes can become a major issue because of the standing water in various parts of the island. Backyards can be appropriately treated to negate issues like this.

What Makes New York and New Jersey Pest Control Different?

As we know, there are many things that set New Yorkers apart from the rest of the country, and the world! Why should pest control be any different? It isn’t. There are a few reasons that taking care of pests in Staten Island, New York, and New Jersey can be a unique adventure.

  1. Cold Weather – As we all know, The North East has a wide range of seasons. When it gets cold out, not only do we want to stay inside, but our furry friends do too! It’s important to make sure the perimeter of your home and property is secured during the warmer months. When the temperature drops, you won’t end up dealing with a new resident that you never planned for!
  2. Close Proximity to Neighbors – In New York City especially, your neighbors may not just be close to you, they may be on top of and below you as well. Insects and pests like bed bugs can quickly transfer from house to house or apartment to apartment. Pest control for apartment complexes is tricky business. Annihilator can help you to properly seal your perimeter and stop the problem before it ever starts. For more information on bed bugs, check out our bug-opedia.

Our Local Reputation Continues to Improve Over Time

Scott, the owner and founder of Annihilator Extermination deals with each customer personally. You can be reassured that there is an expert taking care of each case and sending clean street lined with buildingsthe right people for the job.

We help get rid of bugs, roaches, termites, water bugs, mice, and rats. When it comes to pest control in Staten Island, Annihilator Extermination has the knowledge and experience that matter. Annihilator is fully insured and bonded for business in the tri-state area.

Some of the things our clients have said are listed below.

Enjoy the benefits of choosing Staten Island’s top rated extermination service.